Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Art Group 2014- Week One

 For art group this week we tested out different watercolor techniques.  I had eight papers labeled and ready for the kids to try each technique and then they created a large painting using some of the things they had learned.  Some of the techniques we tested were 1. Dropping alcohol onto the paint. 2. Wet on wet 3. Watercolor resist using oil pastels. 4. Using white school glue as a masking agent. 5. Sprinkling salt on the paint. 6. Splattering using eye droppers and bingo bottles.

This year we had boards cut for the kids to use as tables for their projects.  It makes a huge difference. As always we used Colorations liquid watercolor in ice cube trays. I'm excited to try some more difficult projects with the kids this year and see their creativity shine through.

My kids are convinced that clothing is not necessary during the summer.  They pretty much wear bathing suits the majority of the time. We need more bathing suits.


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