Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bird Puppets

This was one of the most fun art projects and also the biggest disasters we have made in a long time. I will definitely be doing a variation of this at art group this summer.  (Assuming I still do art group- life feels crazy right now but my kids would be really sad if we skipped a year.) I wanted to try a sculpey project based on something my younger brother made in elementary school.  Sculpey is awesome because it can be baked in the oven and it has a great texture to it.

 We started by putting a ball of tin foil on a stick.  Then we covered the foil in a sheet of sculpey that we rolled out. 
 Then the girls sculpted the details of their faces.  They decided to make bird puppets. 

I thought they turned out pretty awesome. They baked well and held all of the detail.  Here is where the project began to go askew.

We tried painting them.  As soon as the paint dried it started flaking off all over and we had to hurry and put a thick layer of modge podge on them to keep the paint on.  The paint smeared all over the place and made a huge goopey mess.  Then I dropped the head several times and broke them and made a huge mess trying to glue them back together.

The next day the girls made bodies out of painted felt and feathers.

They look fantastic except for all of the glue.  They are standing up in glass bottles in this picture but they can be used as puppets on their sticks. They look a little more like monsters than birds but I love that.


Somers said...

I think they are amazing! Now to find paint that will stick to sculpey without sticking to kids...

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