Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What A Good Day Looks Like Around Here

Red Fish
After school we made watercolor resist painings of the peacock we saw preening at the farm yesterday. The details were done in oil pastel.  Red Fish couldn't stop talking about how "relaxing" it was to paint out in the sun again. I'm definitely going to have to start thinking of some new ideas for art projects with the girls this year. They are happy to continue exploring materials but Red Fish is also craving some projects that are slightly more directed or have more of a planned direction.  I still want them to explore and use their own creativity as much as possible.  It will be an interesting balance.
New Fish

 I walked the dog while the girls rode scooters to a park a little ways from our house.  New Fish was exhausted by the time we got there because she has never ridden a scooter that far before. It was a bit of a chore to get back to the house but the girls loved climbing all over and not having to wear their coats.
After we made it home and had some snacks and a lot of water we watched an episode of The Magic School Bus (their current favorite) and then went to the library for some reading. A quick stop at the grocery store for taco supplies and the girls thought it was a near perfect day.


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