Saturday, February 1, 2014

Marbling With Milk

Stringing beads for Valentines themed jewelry while Daddy reads Harry Potter them.
The girls have been busy reading and creating lately. Two Fish has been reading Harry Potter to them (they are on book 3) and I've been reading a bunch of different books to them. Winter is starting to give us all a little bit of cabin fever and everytime we have friends over they all go crazy because they are so tired of being inside under close supervision without enough room to move their bodies. Thank heavens for their gymnastics class where they can get a little bit of their energy out.  They are so desperate for room to move that every time the sun peaks out they dash outside to run and ride bikes.  Inside they are bouncing off the furniture with cartwheels and handstands and the usual antics.
 We tried marbling with milk for the first time. I've seen a bunch of different ways of doing this but we just went with what we had on hand.  The girls filled baking sheets with milk and then used eye droppers to put liquid watercolors in the trays.  Then they added hand soap to the tray and put a watercolor paper in to soak.  The effect was pretty cool.  After the papers dried they cut them into heart shapes to make more Valentines.  Hopefully our papers don't stink later.
The tray with the watercolors suspended in milk and soap
One of their papers after it had been dipped in the tray.


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