Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Art Group Begins Again- Day 1

Every summer I ask my kids if we really need to do art group this summer. I don't know that I thought it would be a permanent fixture of our summer when I started but my kids are alway incredulous when I ask as if it wouldn't be summer without art group so we begin again. This year I decided to do two groups, one for the younger kids including my tiniest nieces and an older group. We started with a liquid watercolor resist project for the bigs. We used masking tape, salt and oil pastels to resist the watercolor. The littles used texas snowflakes with the liquid watercolors. Always a hit. It is going to be fun to do some of the little kid projects again. I've missed them. I am raising my kids in tandem. There are just the two of them and they are so close in age that I feel like we only go through each stage once before we are moving on to another stage. It is delightful because I get to fully immerse myself in each stage with them but I also wish we could redo and slow down some of the stages.


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