Sunday, February 14, 2016

Road Trip

The girls and I took a little road trip. My grandma has been living in an assisted living for the last while. She has been having a hard time. She needed some cheering up. She doesn't always keep everything straight but she remembers everything about my kids. Their relationship with Grandma is special. There is no other word for it. The girls decorated her assisted living with Valentines. It was a good project for them and they took great pride in it.

My grandfather "Bockum" recently caught incureable pneumonia and he has been in the rehabilitation unit next door to Grandma. Grandma stayed there for a long time last year. This is rough. Seeing my grandparents health fail them is difficult. I was Asia's age when I lost three of my great grandparents and I remember exactly how it felt. My girls have a really special, close relationship with their great grandparents and they know nothing of loss. They know things are different now and I've been so impressed with the way they have behaved this weekend. It is not easy for two young kids to spend all day sitting in nursing homes and waiting.  They also decorated Bockum's room with hearts and Valentines decor.


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