Thursday, October 15, 2015


 These are Red Fish's new AFOs (Ankle/foot orthotics) She got to design them herself so they are very colorful and have horses and rainbows on them. She is pretty excited about the way they look. This is going to be a bit of an intense journey to get her through these foot problems. The casting was rough even though she had such a great attitude the whole time. We aren't sure how many months she will be wearing the AFOs. She does have skeletal bunions that we are going to have to address. Her doctor at Shriner's Orthopedic Hospital wants to do surgery in six months to a year to try and stop the bunions before they get really bad. Full on bunion surgery would be really horrible so we hope to avoid that by surgically altering her growth plates in her feet. Her ankle cord has really improved and now she just has to retrain herself on the way she walks. The great thing about the AFOs is that she can remove them to play soccer, swim or do any activity that they are too cumbersome for. I continue to be amazed by how well she has handled all of this. She has a great attitude and she knows that she can do hard things.
She was not pleased with the shoe options. They aren't nearly as spiffy as the AFOs she designed so we at least got her some more colorful shoelaces. If we put anything in a bright color it makes Red Fish happy.


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