Saturday, July 25, 2015

More D.C. and Mt. Vernon

We visited the White House which the kids thought was really fun.
We went to the National Gallery. I could have spent days wandering around but the kids were tired. We did way too much walking on this trip and it really wore them out. They loved the National Gallery's outdoor sculpture garden. They learned about Calder this summer and had done some sculpture mimicking his work so they were very excited to see this stabile.

Red Fish loves Claus Oldenburg so she was very excited about this giant typewriter eraser. (I had to look up what it was because I don't think I've ever seen a typewriter eraser before.)
This was Red Fish's very favorite part of the trip. She was really looking forward to seeing the Martin Luther King Memorial. She had recently read several books around him and she thought it was really special to see his memorial.
The next day we moved out of Washington DC to Mt. Vernon (George Washington's home).

We attempted a group shot but we were missing D. The girls really liked touring the grounds and getting to see where Washington really lived. I think it really started to bring history to life for them. I was surprised to see how much they really got out of this trip. I hope they aren't too young to really remember it.

New Fish loved learning more about Washington. She was very impressed with him. She has read a lot of the same books as Red Fish to get ready for this trip. She get some of the details a bit muddled like thinking that "Dr. King invented equality because he was both a doctor and a king!" Her budding interest in history has been so fun and she has done a great job walking so far on this trip.


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What would you suggest is the ideal age for DC? We really want to take the kids, but like you say, lots of walking.

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