Friday, November 28, 2014


 We spent a couple of days up at the Lake House with Grandma, Two Fish's brother V, his wife L and their awesome kids. The girls loved being with their cousins.  There were games played, puzzles obsessed over, movies and plenty of food.  We couldn't have wished for a more relaxed, fun couple of days.

 My niece E made the turkey with some help from her Mom, L. It turned out awesome as did the rest of our meal.

 New Fish got carried around all weekend by E. She adores her cousins.

I love that my kids get the experience of being the "big kids" on my side of the family and that they get to be the "little kids" on Two Fish's side of the family. It means so much to me that their big cousins will spend time with them and make them feel special.  I know it means the world to my kids. E, E, I and N have set a really great example of how I want my kids to treat their younger cousins and my kids love them to the moon and back. I really hope that this is one of the things they remember most about their childhood, all of the people who treat them with so much love. Cousins are built in friends that my kids will carry with them for life.


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