Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference 2014

My girls were excited for LDS General Conference this year.  They had very specific ideas of how it should go and I really wasn't feeling up to it but I tried to power through because I was leaving on a business trip halfway through conference and I didn't want to ruin their excitement.  One of my visiting teachers gave us conference packets and games a couple of years ago and now my girls want them for every conference. There was also a primary lessons pumping the kids up to listen to conference this year.

I tried to keep it simple this year and just printed a bunch of things off the internet and sealed them in packets with pictures of general authorities on them.  Every time the girls could recognize the speaker they could open a packet.  They also built a fort to listen to conference in and were fully stocked on snacks and notebooks to write all of their thoughts on. They had coloring sheets, bingo games that required them to listen, special treats and a few activities to break things up a bit.

 One of their activities between sessions was to dye eggs.  We tried dying fake eggs this year because we don't enjoy eating boiled eggs.  They were a major pain to dye.


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