Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Vacation Part 7- Oregon Coast

 Next we drove the entire Oregon coast.  My favorite stop was Cannon Beach.  I loved the little town and the kite shop run by old hippies who "don't technically work there."  If we went back I would want to stay in Cannon Beach instead of Astoria or Seaside.
Haystack Rock
 We went to the Tilamook cheese factory.  I was blown away by how many thousands of people were streaming in and out of that place.  The cheese and the ice cream are delicious but still... it seems a little strange to me that it is that big of a tourist attraction.

Yaquina Lighthouse
 Just outside of Newport, we stopped at the sealion caves.  These are a total tourist trap and a huge rip off.  I might have thought they were more worth the money if we hadn't just seen the amazing elephant seals in California last summer.  The girls did enjoy the seals.  They enjoy all animals, even if they are far away and hard to see.

We camped in state parks on our way down the coast.  The beaches are really well cared for and the parks are all really clean and nice.  I enjoyed the coastal drive for the most part but there are about 200 miles there in the middle where you can't see anything interesting.  I could have skipped that part for sure.


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