Thursday, April 17, 2008


I just returned from the 2nd largest trade show in the world- NAB. It was really interesting to visit with my distributors from around the world. Using translators and trying to understand new customs and accents in business was a new experience. It made me think about how small the world is becoming. I got a lot of great feedback and a lot of things to think about. Several people told my Dad that my brother J and I are "very intense." Whatever that means. Hopefully it's a good thing. It was fun to spend some time with J but I've decided we are pretty boring. Three days in Vegas and all we did was go out to dinner a couple times. I sure missed Two Fish and Red Fish.

Red Fish is very into feeling textures. She wants to feel the fabric of your clothes, your hair, your skin. She also wants to pet the dog Blue Fish now so we are trying to teach her to pet him and not pull his hair. Luckily Blue Fish is very gentle, but he isn’t sure what he thinks of this new attention. Red Fish has figured out what mouths and noses are. When I ask her “Where is mommy’s nose?” She will grab my nose. When I ask her “Where is mommy’s mouth?” She grabs my mouth. Now when she grabs at my ears and hair she looks at my expectantly like “what is this?” I can’t get over how smart she is.

Red Fish has hit the phase where she can control her hands enough to play with her toys but she can’t quite get the toys to do what she wants so she gets rather frustrated with them. I found something this week that she can get some serious satisfaction out of. I bought Red Fish these new percussion shakers that have little handles on them. Each one makes a different sounds- one has bells on it one has clappers etc. She LOVES them! They make a much bigger sound than any of her rattles she has and the handles are easier for her to hang onto. She has been having a lot of fun with them. She likes to shake one in each hand and sing at the top of her lungs. She is very into singing and squealing.

Anyone have any tips on great toys that brought your kids alot of joy and creativity?


JoandDoug said...

It always seems like after you invest all this money into great toys you think your kids will love they always end up liking the random things you have lying around your house such as keys or something like that. My friend used to give her little girl some waz paper to play with because she could crumple her little heart out and not be able to eat any of it. Good luck and let me know if you find anything that works!

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