Friday, July 13, 2007

Are You Addicted?

Our shop name “Dive Addicts” is well deserved. The two founders of Dive Addicts, and all the employees and instructors for that matter, could only be considered “Addicts”. You know how crazy we are about diving, but how do you compare? A group of scholars with nothing else to do but study the affects of diving on the mind (actually we just had way too much time on our hands…) came up with the following quiz to help you realize, confront and safely control your own personal dive addiction. Pick the answer that is closest to the way you feel about diving (be honest), and then score yourself to find your level of addiction and what we think you should do about it. For more information or a specialized dive prescription please call Dive Addicts at 801.572.5111

1. How many times a year do you visit Dive Addicts?
a- I think I’ve seen it before… (1 or 2 times)
b- I could give you directions… (3-8 times)
c- I’m a regular… (8-12 times)
d- I’m a Dive Shop Groupie (More than 12)

2. You are a certified…
a- Open Water Diver
b- Rescue Diver
c- Master Diver
d- Decompression Diver

3. How many dives a year do you do?
a- I’m still trying to figure out how to set up my own gear (Less than 15)
b- I go when I can (30)
c- 50
d- 100+

4. How much dive gear do you own?
a- Mask, snorkel, & fins
b- Full setup
c- Enough to fill a closet
d- I don’t even want to say…

5. How many dives do you have in Utah NOT including the Crater?
a- There is diving in Utah? (5 or less)
b- I get around a little (15)
c- I would be willing to dive in my neighbor’s birdbath (25)
d- I’m building a vacation home on Blue Lake (50 or more)

6. To what extent do you enjoy swimming with sharks?
a- I would rather die. Period.
b- More than visiting with my attorney…
c- I have done it, and I liked it!
d- I would be willing to sacrifice my dive buddy (or other prized dive accessory).

7. How often do you hide a dive related purchase from your significant other?
a- Never had to
b- I always end up telling them eventually.
c- Occasional secrets only strengthen our relationship.
d- The only way they find out about my purchases is when I talk scuba in my sleep.

8. How many scuba diving certification cards do you carry?
a- I think I know where my card is…
b- I have a couple in my wallet
c- They won’t all fit in my wallet
d- I’m a card carrying freak with a fold out portfolio I show everyone.

9. How involved is your family in your scuba diving?
a- I’ve told them a little bit about it…
b- I’ve convinced a couple to try it.
c- My whole family is certified because of me.
d- I’ve named several of my children after tropical fish.

10. How often do you visit a scuba diving website or forum?
a- The idea hadn’t occurred to me.
b- every once in awhile.
c- at least weekly
d- I spend two hours a day chatting with the dive community while I’m at work.

11.How often do you call in sick to work so you can dive?
a- Never
b- I’m tempted but I stick to vacation time.
c- I use all of my time off to dive.
d- My boss is worried I have a terminal illness.

12. How often do you wear your Dive Addicts t-shirt?
a- I have one somewhere…
b- I wear it from time to time.
c- Once a week or more.
d- I had it tattooed onto my body because I grew tired of washing it.

If you answered…
Mostly A you are FRESH MEAT- You have only begun to dip your toes into the water when it comes to scuba diving. You probably have only been diving a few times since you were certified. It’s time to rediscover the sport. If you haven’t been in the water in awhile you should sign up for a refresher course and remember why you got certified in the first place. If you are brand new to the sport, join in on a Dive Addicts dive-along or sign up for a new course. We suggest signing up for a Nitrox or other specialty course. The more you learn about diving, the more comfortable you will be and the more fun you will have. Scuba diving is sure to seduce you into full-fledged addiction in no time.

**If you are shopping for a “Fresh meat diver” we suggest: A mask snorkel and fins, A new suit from our Xelos dive apparel collection, a Dive Addicts gift certificate, a dive light, a dive knife, a neoprene mask strap, or a dive computer. These gifts will help the nearly addicted diver along their path to happiness.

Mostly B you are SITTING ON THE FENCE- You know you want to dive more, but you still need some convincing in order to dedicate you life to it. This stage of addiction is the critical point. You could easily go either way, and your friends and loved ones would like nothing more than for you to be happy. You would like to come into Dive Addicts more often just to talk about diving and more about the gear, but you don’t want to feel like a poser or one of those “dive shop groupies” we all talk about. Suggestions: admit that being a dive shop groupie is “cool” and start trying to embrace your inner feelings and urges. This level of addiction if far from dangerous. At this point your non-diver friends will still be your friends. Enjoy it while it lasts…

**If you are shopping for a fence sitting diver we suggest: A BCD, a regulator, a personal dive computer, a Dive Addicts gift certificate, a gear bag, a wetsuit, or an underwater camera. We have many wonderful stocking stuffers as well. These gifts are sure to make the fence-sitting diver in your life happy.

Mostly C you are BATTLING ADDICTION- You spend all of your spare time diving. You have a deep love for the sport and are always looking for new ways to expand your knowledge of diving. You are on a first name basis with most of the staff at Dive Addicts, a crew you trust to help you with all of your diving needs. Our best advice on your addiction? Give into it. It’s useless to fight against it. If your gear is beat up from overuse we can help you out with a new set of top of the line gear. We would also suggest taking a technical dive class or signing up for one of our world-class trips.

**If you are shopping for someone battling a diving addiction we suggest: A new BCD, a new regulator, a new personal dive computer, a new gear bag, a wetsuit, or an underwater camera, a backplate, wings, O2 cleaned regulators, and a Dive Addicts gift certificate. We have many wonderful stocking stuffers as well. At this point there is really no point in buying your diving loved one anything else.

Mostly D you are DANGEROUSLY ADDICTED- It’s time to enroll in a 12 step program. Your friends are worried about you. Your office had to ban wetsuits as part of a new dress code. One of your neighbors caught you taking the garbage out in the middle of the night wearing fins and a mask. Your other neighbor has a restraining order to keep you out of his pool. Dive Addicts has many certified dive counselors familiar with the dangerously addicted diver. We can help you pick out that new underwater MP3 player, schedule your trip to Papua New Guinea, sign you up for Trimix training or anything else you might need to calm your nerves in between dives.

**If you are shopping for a dangerously addicted diver we suggest: a new full-face mask, a DUI dry suit, an underwater MP3 player or a Dive Addicts lead dive addiction counseling trip to one of many different dive destinations. There is nothing you can do for this diver except keep them busy with diving.


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