Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Little Cayman

It's Friday, and we had geared up for our final two dives of the trip this morning, however mother nature has is not cooperating with us this morning and we have been blown out! It's not the end of the world, because we have been having incredible diving all week, but it's kind of funny seeing a bunch of gung ho divers relaxing around the pool this morning.

The diving this week has been absolutley superb. Great viz, great weather, uncrowded dive sights, and the Bloody Bay Wall. What could be better. 25 Dive Addicts all enjoying each others company, and enjoying the resort, diving and food!

The reefs have been in absolutley great shape. Hurricane Ivan that passed this way almost two years ago hit Grand Cayman and really did almost no damage at Little Cayman. Consequently the facilitites and the reefs are in great shape.

Almost everyone on the trip has seen new creatures they haven't seen before. (See my fish list below for her personal list of underwater life sighted.) The wall in the Bloody Bay Marine Park is just spectacular. It is as sheer as they come, and covered with an incredible amount of various sponges, hard coral and soft coral. We have experienced sharks, turtles, sting rays, eagle rays, as well as dozens of the typical Carribean characters. It has been just fantastic. We couldn't have asked for a better week of diving!

My Little Cayman Fish List

Juvenille Spotted Drum
Rainbow Parrot Fish
Spotted Scorpion Fish
Green Morray Eel
Spotted Eagle Ray
Southern Sting Ray
Honey Comb Cowfish
Porcupine Fish
Balloon Fish
Princess Parot Fish
Gray Angelfish
Tiger Grouper
Nasau Grouper
Black Grouper
Four-eye Butterfly fish
Banded Butterfly fish
Rock Beauty
Queen Angelfish (juvenille and adult)
Horse-eye Jack
Great Baracuda
Blue-striped Grunt
School Master
Ceasar Grunt
Red Hind
Tabacco Fish
Fairy Basslet
Spotlight Parrot Fish- male and female
Striped Parrot Fish- male and female
Red band Parrot Fish
Blue Tang
Squirrel Fish
Long Jaw Squirrel Fish
Neon Goby
Goldspot Goby
Masked Goby
Briddled Goby
Sand Diver
Trumpet Fish
Peacock Flounder
Yellowhead Jawfish
Black Durgon
Queen Triggerfish
Nurse Shark
Carribean Reef Shark
Spiny Lobster
Brittle Star
Lettuce Sea Slug
Banded Coral Shrimp
Arrow Crab
Flame Scallop
Sea Star
Spotted Morray
Flamingo Tongue Snail
Brittle worm
Atlantic Octopus
Arrow Blemy
Red Spotted Lobster
Urchin Crab


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