Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Truth About Raising A Monkey


In the last week she has been found in the following places: the top of the piano, the kitchen table, the back of the couch, the kitchen counters, every chair in the house, her highchair, the edge of the stairs that sticks out past the railing, the bed, the drawers of the dishwasher, her chest of drawers. She used her stroller as a rolling ladder to switch on and off lights. I can hardly keep up with her. She is so fast! I swear I look away for half a second and she is somehow three feet in the air. I've taken every chair or climbable piece of furniture and put it in a closed room. She can lift her foot up level with her head, put it on something and pull up. It's crazy. I might have to resort to using a leash (only kidding.) I've tried having discussions with her about how she is going to get hurt or that mommy really doesn't want her to climb things. Sigh... I guess supervision is the only way to deal with this for now but I'm very worried.

Lucky for her Red Fish is also very cute. She has been blowing kisses like there is no tomorrow. Tonight she kept pinching my lips so they were stuck out and she could kiss them. She loves to do patty cake. She can do all of the actions. She kept having me sing itsy bitsy spider and popcorn popping on the apricot tree over and over tonight so she could memorize the actions. She is copying everything I do. If I'm brushing my teeth she has to brush hers at the same time etc. It's very sweet. She pats me on the back when she is upset because I always do that to comfort her. She has been very snuggly lately as well. She is always pointing at my belly and making the sign for baby even though I'm sure she doesn't totally get what that means. She is full of goofy faces and she dances on her toes and sings all day.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Swimming In The Backyard

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why Red Fish Loves Uncle J

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby Room

My whole plan to decorate a room a month in my house pretty much fell apart after the first room. I realized I had no money after moving and I also had no energy or motivation after I became pregnant. I'm trying to get back on track a little bit and have been working on Red Fish's room (which will become New Fish's room later.) I painted these same fish to match all of the bedding- most of which is in the closet because Red Fish doesn't need it anymore- in our old house. I was pretty sad to leave them behind. It took me awhile to get excited about painting them again but I had a sudden urge to do it last week so I threw a five minute pencil drawing on the wall and went to town with the aid of my tiny one year old assistant. The fish aren't nearly as meticulously painted as the last time but I think they turned out okay considering I was painting with a toddler. The best part is the only thing I had to buy for this room was some sponge paint brushes - I had all of the paint etc from our old house. Now I just have to do a big girl room for Red Fish and work on organizing the toy room. Time seems to be racing past and I have a lot of projects in mind.

Muffy Comes For A Visit

My college roomie Muffy came to visit over Memorial day. I hardly ever get to see her and it was a nice break for all of us. Red Fish is a big fan of Muffy and spent most of the weekend bonding with her. It was really sweet. Muffy claims to be terrified of small children but Red Fish didn't believe that for a second. She even had Muffy put her to bed one night. She showed Muffy all of the pictures from her current favorite book "Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born" by Jamie Lee Curtis. Then she led Muffy over to her rocking chair, sat her down, and crawled up in her lap for a snuggle. I took this picture in the complete dark (I'm very impressed with my flash) and I'm pretty sure Muffy is rethinking her stance on babies.
We did a bunch of shopping, got massages (maternity massage is the most fabulous thing on the planet) and spent some time up in the mountains. It was a fabulous and much needed fun weekend. Come visit us again soon Muffy! Next time bring Arby!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Why do I have a sudden desperate urge to get out of here? I think it's because my last available flying time is being sucked up by my hypnobabies course. Maybe it's that the idea of even going to the store with two kids sounds scary. I can't do many of my favorite activities (like scuba) although I've found some new ones to replace them for the time being. I made Two Fish plan a little roadtrip with me for July. Maybe that will take care of my urge to flee.

If anyone else is feeling the desperate urge to flee today call me and we will head for the beach. I told Two Fish I will return when I no longer feel overwhelmed by all I should be accomplishing. How long do you think that will take?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun Art Projects

This was such a fun nursery project yesterday. We taped a piece of contact paper to the table for every kid and stuck on a tag with their name on it. We had foam shapes, shredded paper, and fuzzy balls for them to stick all over their paper. They really loved the shredded paper (I literally ran it through my shredder) and got pretty crazy with it. Then we stuck a larger piece of contact paper over the top of everything and sealed the sides. They were carrying these around like they were made of gold. I think feathers would be a fun addition to the supplies. We have a ton of stuff left over so I'm sure we will be making a lot of these.
We bought some new Crayola twistable slick sticks and they are so cool! Red Fish doesn't have to apply much pressure and she gets a ton of color. She LOVES them. We spent all morning coloring with them. The only problem is that they are not washable which scares me a little. I would only recommend them for use with supervision. It was interesting because when Red Fish usually draws with crayons or chalk she has only been drawing straight lines. With the slick sticks she was drawing in multiple directions. I think it's because they go on the paper so smoothly. After she had covered a few papers she started getting things off the fridge to color including the butterfly we made in nursery a few weeks ago. It is just a paper with some foam stickers and pipe cleaner antenaes. We also stapled on a straw for her to hold onto when she is flying it around the room.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Belly '09- 22 weeks

Not the most flattering picture. The sun was in my eyes. My belly has moved up so it isn't looking quite as big. I'm feeling a little comfortable.

Friday, May 15, 2009

First Day On The Lake 2009

Uncle J called this afternoon and wanted to go out on the lake for a quick spin in the boat. Red Fish loved boating last year so we thought it would be fun. Red Fish just couldn't understand why we couldn't go swimming in the freezing water. She is really going to love swimming this year.
Aunt A's driving lesson.
Red Fish's driving lesson. She loved it!
She wanted to drive the rest of the time we were on the boat.

Dirty Mouth

We went back to the dinosaur museum to play in the sand pits. Red Fish loved it but kept trying to eat the sand. I warned her but she finally licked the sand and then cried over her sandy tongue. I wiped it off the best I could. I don't think she will make that mistake again. She loved brushing the sand off the dinosaur bones. We will definitely be going back a lot.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Music Class

We went to a little music class at the library today for kids up to age three. 30 kids were all sitting in their mother's laps calmly doing the actions to the songs. Red Fish stood in the middle of the circle and shook her groove thing the whole time. They even brought out a big ring the kids need to hold on to for one of the songs and Red Fish climbed into the middle of that and danced. At least she enjoyed herself! They had sticks to beat together, and shakers, and scarves and balls and Red Fish danced with all of them. About five minutes before the end of class she ripped off her romper (so fast you wouldn't believe it) and streaked through the class. Lovely. I had to chase her down and force her outfit back down. I kinda thought the whole thing was pretty comical (aside from when I couldn't get her clothes back on) but there were a few moms who gave me dirty looks. What am I supposed to do? Force her to sit down through a toddler music class? She wasn't hurting anything or really even interrupting. Plus she has a great sense of rhythm!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Project Runway Here I Come =-)

These curtains are the first thing I have ever really sewn totally by myself. I know they are all straight lines and not that impressive. Trust me, for me this was a huge feat. I'm not a measure twice and cut once person- I'm a cut it and see what happens person. I sewed together a quilt top my freshman year of college and took it to my grandma's to have her help me finish it. She said it looked like a drunken sailor had made it. (It might have been because I decided things would go faster if I cut 8-10 squares at once and none of them ended up square.) I've also been known to sew a pair of curtains all down one leg of my pants when I was hemming them and watching tv at the same time. Knowing all this about me you should be very impressed by these curtains. My Mom gave me a sewing machine for my birthday last year and now that I am in a rush to redecorate the upstairs for the new baby and Asia's new room I plan to put it to use. This all part of my grand plan to someday be on my favorite show- Project Runway. I might make it somewhere around age 80.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lucky Mommy

I'm a lucky mommy. I pretty much get spoiled on a daily basis. I get to raise the cutest, spunkiest little girl. I have a wonderful husband who treats me like a queen, especially while I'm pregnant. Two Fish even had Red Fish bring me some flowers. She wants to smell them all day long Who wouldn't want to spend their days with these two?I've even got a wonderful Mom of my own. She's my best friend besides Two Fish and I pretty much talk to her every day. She's always been a really wonderful mother and she still is. I feel so lucky to be her daughter and I hope I can be half the mother she has been to me. I love you Mom! (I've got a great Dad too!)

Yesterday we had my grandparents (except for one grandma who was sick), my parents, and Two Fish's Mom over for brunch. My brother J and his cute fiancee made crapes for all of us. I can't believe I forgot to take pictures. Red Fish was in heaven with most of her favorite adults around to shower her with attention. She is going to have a hard time sharing the spotlight with New Fish. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful grandparents, parents, and a mother in law I love. I'm very spoiled with great family (among other things)

Happy mothers day everyone! I hope you have as many loved ones in your life to share it with as I do. Family is the greatest blessing and I'm getting excited about expanding ours.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's Official- I've Lost My Mind

I've ridden my bike once in the last ten years-on Thanksgiving when we tried to hurry and use the bike trailer we bought for Red Fish and Two Fish's new bike. I've been wanting to bring the bikes out for weeks but every time we plan to ride it rains. So today seemed like the perfect day. Somehow I convinced myself and Two Fish that a six mile, mostly uphill, ride to the park and back, while 5 months pregnant was a great way to break in the bikes. Yeah...that was insane. I can't believe we all made it home alive.

Also on the topic of me going insane- last night I was at the grocery store picking up some last minute things for a mother's day brunch I had to today. I was picking some strawberries out and someone comes up behind me and starts rubbing my belly like crazy. I nearly had a stroke on the spot. I turned around and it was my brother who collapses with laughter. What a punk! My whole head turned red. I thought some weirdo was going to attack me. Luckily it's just a weirdo I'm related to who thinks it's funny to give me a near heart attack.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Water Noncolor Painting

Two Fish was mowing the lawn and Red Fish really wanted to be outside with him. She needed something to distract her enough to keep her away from the lawn mower so this is what we did for about an hour. Red Fish loved it. It's just a container of water and a paintbrush that we used to paint the front porch. Red Fish found it extremely satisfying. She did really well with the brush- we are going to have to try painting with actual paint and a brush sometime soon. Plus she could still wave at Daddy every couple minutes and shout DaaaaDAaaaaa at him.

Strike A Pose

If you tell Red Fish she is cute she stops whatever she is doing and makes this face with her head tilted. It makes me want to squeeze her because she is so cute.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dinosaur Museum

I got a year long membership to some local attractions including a dinosaur museum. We went for the first time today and Red Fish LOVED it. She would just run from room to room squealing with joy. There was so much to look at and touch. We even colored a couple pictures. It will be a great activity for after New Fish is born as well. I just followed Red Fish around while she took everything in. I had to run her past the digging pit at the end so she wouldn't see it. They have a huge room full of sand at the end that you can dig up bones in. Red Fish was wearing tights which would not be great attire for digging. Next time I will dress her more appropriately because I'm pretty sure a room full of dirt is Red Fish's idea of heaven. For anyone who wants to join us - I get half price admission for guests!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Big Ol Book List

I haven't written anything about any of the books I've read in the last few months for some reason. I haven't been reading as much as I would like (sadly the tv has sucked me in when I'm feeling nauseated from pregnancy but I plan to change that now that I'm feeling a little better.) I have read a few dumb books a some great ones. I'm going to concentrate mostly on the good ones because nobody cares what books I thought were dumb.

The Tipping Point- It's a business book the same way Freakanomics (a book I LOVED) is about economics. The book basically talks about how to start an epidemic in your business but it talks about everything from the broken window theory, selling ipods, or the aids epidemic to how painting subway cars in New York City supposedly dropped the crime rate almost overnight. It was fascinating and well written and I recommend it to anyone. I'm not sure how it applies to my business but still a great read. I want to read some of Malcolm Gladwell's other books.

Wicked by Gregory Maguire- my husband bought this for me for my birthday in November because I had just been to see the musical in LA with my friend Lovely L. I absolutely loved the musical. It's hilarious and creative and the music and design is fabulous. The book is creative and has some great plotlines but it does not have the same spirit as the musical. It definitely didn't make me smile the way the musical did. If you aren't easily shocked it's an interesting book. The details are rather dark and twisted. It won't be one I read again but I'm not totally horrified by it either.

Nutrition For A Healthy Pregnancy by Elizabeth Somer- I actually read this for the first time almost five years ago when we first started talking about kids. I spent a year reading pre-pregnancy books and nutrition books to try and get my body at it's healthiest. This is one of the books I have packed up several times and hid from myself a couple years ago. I finally had Two Fish bring it out for me and it's a great resource. Great lists of foods for specific vitamins, plans for exercise and healthy weight gain, and a reminder of the food pyramid and how it fits in to overall health.

I started reading parenting books in November. We were newly approved for adoption and trust me, having some sort of psychological preparation for a new baby is really important in adoption- you almost need a psychological pregnancy time. There is a reason women are pregnant for 9 months and go through a lot of changes to prepare. Part of my preparation is reading a lot. I read a lot of adoption books the first time but I've really lost interest in them since I've been through the adoption process before. It's funny that all through December I was doing my preparation and I was pregnant and didn't know. Anyway- that may be too much information but here are the parenting books I've been reading and liked.

Playful Parenting- Great ideas. I love that it made me lighten up a lot. There are so many small issues that don't need to be negative. There are so many hard things that can be reversed and made fun. The most interesting thing the book talks about is how kids use play to work out their own inner struggles and emotions. they don't talk things out like adults- they play them out. I've definitely noticed this with Red Fish after reading the book. One night she didn't want to go to bed and I sat on my bed with her while she pretended to put me to bed over and over. After she had worked out her frustrations and made herself feel more in power she went to bed without a peep. Another time I had been away for a couple days and when I came home Red Fish spent a solid hour putting a blanket over my head and ripping it off and finding me. She was working out her fear and frustration of my leaving her. Playful Parenting really reminded me to take the time to play with Red Fish and find out what is going on in her little mind. A great book- slightly repetitive and probably could have been a little shorter.

The No Cry Sleep Solution- Every kid goes through cycles in their sleep patterns and this book has given Two Fish and I some great ideas on how to handle some of those issues. My sister in law- L had recommended the newborn version of the book to me but Red Fish was a great newborn sleeper. Since she has entered toddlerhood we have had several speed bumps in the sleeping area. This book has been a great reference to handle the different situtations and helped to resolve them quickly. I love books that don't dictate one way of doing things but instead gives you ideas to test on your own.

Love And Logic For Early Childhood- recommended by my friend Cari. I LOVE this book. I'm not very close to being able to totally apply it but I like the overall philosophies. I love the idea of a love account that you either put deposits or withdrawls on. Everytime you pay attention to your child, focus on them, give affection, make them laugh etc. you put a deposit in. Everytime you are short with them or upset them is a withdrawl. Both are bound to happen over the course of a day but the key is to make sure you put more deposits than withdrawls on your relationship.

I think one of the hardest things as a parents is allowing your kids to struggle or be hurt by a situation but kids will never learn to deal with hard things unless you let them practice with the small stuff. This book really encourages you to let your kids learn things for themselves instead of alway bossing them around.

The book also helps to keep threats and screaming out of a learning situation. Instead help the child use logic and learn consequences in a loving way. I highly reccomend the book- there is a whole series of them.

So there is my big list of recent reads. (At least the ones that are worth talking about.)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Sidewalk chalk and bubbles- they should be a staple of every little kid's life. We went shopping last night for the biggest bottle of bubbles we could find (we've already finished off two of the small bottles this spring) and non-toxic, bright, sidewalk chalk. The crayola stuff is great.Richer color with little effort.
Working hard on Daddy's computer.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Concert Etiquette

I think this is hilarious! I saw it in the program for my mother in law's concert last night.

Concert Etiquette

by Byron Belt

The performing arts season is getting into full swing. Audiences are set to enjoy the entertainment and inspiration of performing ensembles of every description.

One thing is for certain; for many, the performances will be marred by thoughtlessness on the part of too many people who otherwise consider themselves good citizens. These people ignore the simple rules of courtesy, or unconsciously destroy the peaceful environment necessary for enjoyment of many of the wonderful performances being offered a generally eager and appreciative audience.

Here are some rules that should be reprinted in every program book in America. Simple common sense and courtesy will vastly improve the serenity and happiness of sharers in the magic of the arts.


TALK. The first and greatest commandment. Stay home if you aren't in the mood to give full attention to what is being performed on stage.

HUM, SING OR TAP FINGERS OR FEET. The musicians don't need your help, and your neighbors need silence. Learn to tap toes quietly within shoes. It saves a lot of annoyance to others, and is excellent exercise to boot.

RUSTLE THY PROGRAM. Restless readers and page skimmers aren't good listeners and gently distract those around them.

CRACK THY GUM IN THY NEIGHBOR'S EARS. The noise is completely inexcusable and usually unconscious. The sight of otherwise elegant ladies and gentlemen chewing their cud is one of today's most revolting and anti-aesthetic experiences.

WEAR LOUD-TICKING WATCHES OR JANGLE THY JEWELRY. Owners are usually immune, but the added percussion is disturbing to all.

OPEN CELLOPHANE-WRAPPED CANDIES. Next to talking, this is the most serious offense to auditorium peace. If you have a sore throat, unwrap throat-soothers between acts or musical selections. If caught off guard, open the candies quickly. Trying to be quiet by opening wrappers slowly only prolongs the torture for everyone around you.

SNAP OPEN AND CLOSE THY PURSE. The problem used to apply only to women. But today, men are often equal offenders. Leave any purse or opera glasses case unlatched during the performance.

SIGH WITH BOREDOM. If you are in agony, keep it to yourself. Your neighbor may be in ecstasy, which also should be kept under control.

ARRIVE LATE OR LEAVE EARLY. It is unfair to artists and the public to demand seating when one is late or leaves early. Most performances have scheduled time; thy to abide by them.

There are other points, of course, and each reader will have a pet peeve we have omitted. However, if these were obeyed, going to performances would be the joy that it was intended to be and we all would emerge more refreshed.